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What about having an adventurous journey with a loveable friend? Australian Shepherd will be your loyal and active companion to take part in the journey with you along the beautiful river banks and the mountains.

With a number of popular names such as Spanish Shepherd, Bob-tail dogs, Blue Heelers, California Shepherd, or Pastor dogs, the Australian Shepherd dog breed originated in the western United States in 1840 s but not really in Australia. Australian Shepherds are very popular in the United States for their sheep herding abilities. They are wonderful family pets and love to flirt with children and tend to get along with other pets at home. Australian Shepherds are used as police dogs and competitors in obedience trails too.

All about Australian Shepherd

Do they need much exercise?

Australian Shepherd puppies are very playful and adorable. But they grow up to be highly active and strong dogs. They need more exercises and love to take part in adventurous activities. They like to work or play outdoors. Australian Shepherds are healthy dogs and need more than two hours of exercise per day. You can choose high-intensity exercises like running, long-distance fetch, or agility to keep it more active. They are very clever at herding sheep. Australian Shepherd becomes bored or destructive if he doesn’t have work. So, it is better to keep the dog busy giving him an extra walk or take him out and throw a ball with him. If you have a back yard take his favorite ball and play with him

Australian Shepherds love to play in the water. It will be a perfect tiring out and exercise for him. You can play fetch in the water too. This is a fine way to entertain the dog while swimming.

All about Australian Shepherd

Best Food for Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds need nutritious and digestible carbohydrates with higher fat content to keep their energy level in a good condition. You can add whole grain, Starchy vegetables, and fresh fruits to the meal. The dry food containing nutrients without artificial preservatives is good for Australian Shepherds. Here you can get some food ideas for Australian Shepherds. Check the ingredients before catering to your dog.

All about Australian Shepherd

Best Homemade food

It is a fairly popular fact that much dry food for dogs is made from the lowest quality of products. Therefore the packed or canned food does not supply sufficient nutrients to keep the dog healthy. But preparing your own food for your pet will help to meet the health requirements of your dog. You are free to prepare a well-balanced diet that contains real meat, chicken, turkey, or fish as the essential ingredients. 


Australian Shepherds are fairly sensitive to gluten. So it is better to avoid sugary food for them. You can use brown rice, barley, pumpkin, and squash to make the meal well-balanced. To fulfill the vitamin and mineral needs it is more suitable to add some carrots, broccoli, and leafy greens. Two meals a day is considered the best to help proper digestion. Make sure to keep clean and fresh the bowl of water throughout the day as your active Australian Shepherd needs to quench its thirst.


How to groom your Australian Shepherd?

The thick long double-layer coat is long enough to enhance knots and tangles. If you do not brush your Australian Shepherd properly at least once in two days it will be very hard to clean. Therefore brushing is very essential to keep the dog smart and clean. You can trim the hair to make the grooming process easy. The short hair of your Australian Shepherd brings a double-layer coat looking and is free from knots. More work will be required during the shedding season. You can use an undercoat rake every two or three days to remove the dead hair. They require a bath only occasionally.

All about Australian Shepherd

But when they play or work outdoors it is better to wash the dog. If not do bathing once a month to keep away the natural “doggy smell”. Don’t forget to remove water in the coat properly as it will take many hours or even days to dry the thick hair. If possible you can use a blow, dryer to dry the coat well. Australian Shepherds do not require trimming nails as their nails will help to do the activities naturally.

Do Australian Shepherds shed a lot?

Of course, You may experience a messy time during the shedding season, as they shed a ton. They need regular brushing. Your house must be vacuumed frequently to avoid the hair all around. The brushing sessions will keep the dog waterproof. It is better to trim the hair in the legs as they grow very long. Your pet will get dirty soon because they love to be outdoors.

 Australian Shepherd puppies

Health Conditions

Generally, Australian Shepherds are a healthy dog breed. But you must concern about diseases like dysplasia, epilepsy, cataracts, and certain forms of cancers. Their ears should be checked regularly to remove foreign matter and avoid wax inside. Also, its teeth should be brushed regularly.

Sensitivity to some drugs is common in Australian Shepherds. Therefore you must be very careful about that matter. If your pet is healthy and playful he may live with you for about 12 to 15 years.

Colorful eyes

The most interesting thing about Australian Shepherd is the various range of colors in the eyes. The colors will change after two or three weeks of birth. They got their final color in 3 or 4 months. It is wonderful to see Australian Shepherds with green, blue, hazel, and brown eyes. Blue-eyed Australian Shepherds are highly increased in price. But blue eyes will be highly sensitive to sunlight. So it is better to choose one with brown eyes for sunny states. 

Some Australian Shepherds display more than one color within the same eye. Don’t you think it is an amazing fact about Australian Shepherds?

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