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Koi is a popular fish breed in 21st-century fish tanks and ponds. So many people keeping Koi fish in their tanks and ponds. Because they are elegant and colourful. Koi fish are common in ponds and outdoor water gardens and aquariums. But what do you know about this bright fat fish? You also want to know about the history and the other facts about Koi. Yeah, if so read ahead more about Japanese KOI fish.

History of KOI

Koi was originated in China 1600s. They farmed Koi in rice paddies. However, Koi travelled to japan. Japanese noticed this cute bright fish. And they started to breed them. The first koi bred almost exclusively in Japan. The Japanese bred koi perfectly, and some species were even exhibited in the royal collection, and immortal in the royal artwork. Koi was not raised until the 1900s. Koi is red, white and black in colour until the Japanese creating the new koi species. Now there are amazing colour combinations in Koi fishes.

Amazing Koi Fish
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Family: Cyprinidae

Species: Cyprinus carpio

Order: Cypriniformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Physical Description

Koi is a bright and colourful fish. You can identify easily their colours. Bright orange and black is the popular colour of this fish. And also koi can grow up to 2 to 3.5 feet in length. Those Koi are omnivores and feed on food of any depth. Koi in the children’s farm are fed floating particles but also eat insects, algae and plants in the water.

And also Koi can travel a long distance to reach their favourite spawning areas-flooded grasslands and stagnant swamps. The breeding season starts in spring, around May or June. Females reproduce first between the ages of 4 and 6, while males reproduce between the two. At the age of 3 to 5, when they reach sexual maturity, they reproduce every year, attaching sticky eggs to aquatic plants or objects immersed in water.

Life span

Koi fish has a long-lasting lifespan. They lived for around 50 years. Can you believe that the oldest KOI lived nearly 230 years old? Yeah, that’s true. Koi Fishes are amazing.

 How can I buy a KOI?

Facts of Koi fish
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Koi is a famous breed among people these days. Now Koi typically comes from fish farms in the United States, Europe and Asia. You can buy Koi from anywhere from pet shops. But the price depends on their sizes and the colour and the type. Koi fish are large and can grow to two to three feet long with proper care. The koi Chagoi species are even larger, up to four feet in length in some cases. Young koi can be placed in a large indoor aquarium. But they must be transferred to a large pond when they grow up. They are heavy fish, with an average weight of about 35 pounds. Because they are so big, the koi pond must be big. A good rule of thumb is that each adult koi in the pond should hold 500 to 1,000 gallons of water.

Can other Fishes live with Koi?

Orange Koi Fish
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Yeah, of course, Koi is a social friendly fish. They love to live with other fishes friendly. Always make sure that your environment and nutritional needs match your current fish. When adding koi fish to an existing pond, make sure that the pond is large enough to support adult koi.  Koi is a good fish and Koi is really friendly. Koi will not fight with each other fishes. Read about the types of angelfishes from here. so what is


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