Amazing Fun Facts About Cats – aren’t you hear before?

Cats can steal the hearts of people for hundreds of decades. In United Kindom, there are eighteen per cent of households own a cat as their pet. There are so many things to talk about those fluffer kitties. So here we bring some amazing fun facts about cats. We think those facts are not heard you before.

Fun Facts about cats that make you funny

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The richest cat in the world

Have you heard before about the richest cat on the earth? Yeah, there is a cat who owns millions of pounds. According to the Guinness world records, he is the richest cat in the world. His name is Blackie. When his owner passed away he refused to realize his circle of relatives in his will and rather gave seven million pound fortune to his blackie. What do you think about this blackie? He is the wealthiest cat in the world.

Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping

cat is sleeping
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Cats are lazy animal being in this world. They sleep 13-16 hours per day. They spend another period finding food. This is the way they spend their life. Cats are crazy.


A cat becomes the Mayor of an Alaskan city for 20 years

This cat was in Alaska. There is a small city called Talkeetna. An orange tabby cat was the mayor of this small city for 20 years. This small Mayor called Stubbs. He was won elections several times. Stubbs didn’t hold any legislative power. Tourists and locals loved this cat so much. 

Cats walk like giraffes and camels in the desert

black cat walks
Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

Did you focus on catwalks? Have you ever notice about giraffe and camel walk? Cats are walking like camels and giraffes. Their both right feet came first and their left feet moves next. Therefore they can move their half of body forward at once. Only camels and giraffes are the only animals are walking like this. 

Egyptians shave off cats eyebrows when their cats died

Herodotus wrote in 440BC that after a pet cat died in Egyptian instances the family members might shave off their eyebrows according to Ancient History Encyclopedia. What a fun fact about cats.

Cats can reach up to 30mph speed

A household cat can run fast. They can hit up to 30mph of speed. Cats are speed. So cats can avoid treats. Also, this helps to catch mice as fast as they can.

38 old cat was the oldest one in the world

The oldest cat was 38 years and 3 days old when he passed away. His name is Creme Puff and born on 3rd August 1967 in Austin, Texas. His owner is Jake Perry owned the cat who holds this record before. He lived for 34 years. Creme Puff died on the 6th of August 2005. Do you hear this fun fact about cats before?

 24 tricks in one minute

cat is on skateboard
Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

Cats are really lazy animals. But if you think cats can’t do tricks, you are wrong. You will shock by this fact. There is a cat who performed 24 tricks in one minute. Her name is didga. This cat completed so many tricks from rolling over, whilst on a skateboard and even jumping a bar. So she holds a Guinness World Record for that.  Those are the fun facts about cats. Stay with us to get more things about the animal world.


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