Best Animal Rescue charities to donate In 2022

Donors looking to do something different in the life of animals all around the world. Animal rescue charities do so many things for animals. They provide a safe home, protect endangered animals, save them from animal cruelty, and more. But choosing a good animal rescue charity to donate to is quite tough. Here we selected the best charities for animal rescue in the United States in 2022.

Best animal rescue charities in 2022

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Animal welfare institute

Animal welfare institute

The animal welfare institute was established in 1951 by Christine Stevens to rescue animals from laboratory experiments. Now they turned to rescuing animals from any type of violence.

Animal Welfare Institute’s mission of ending animal cruelty while engaging policymakers, researchers, and the community is well-thought-out. Among their objectives are the abolition of inhumane factory farms, the development of alternatives to animal experimentation, and the protection of pets from cruelty. 

Animal rescue
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In 2020, AWI is supposed to make the PAST Act, which criminalizes the infliction of pain on horses’ hooves and limbs, as well as introduce a bill prohibiting the use of wild animals in travelling shows. In 2019, no Icelandic whales were killed as a result of AWI’s campaigning and pressure.

How to contribute them?

You can join them as an intern at one of their departments. Donating is the best way to help them to protect animals. 

 Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal society

The Best Friends Animal Society was founded in 1985 as a promise between some friends to build a sanctuary for homeless animals in Utah and has since pioneered the Save Them All movement in response to the ruthless killing of animals in shelters across the country. They trying to reach no KILL America in 2025. 

In addition, Best Friends and their partners have saved over 63,000 cats and dogs in 2019. Their animal sanctuary is a home for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds and wild animals. 

How to contribute them?

 You can help Best Friends by donating on their website, which helps their shelters, outreach, and, most importantly, the animals. You can also adopt a pet from their sanctuary, become a foster parent, or give a gift to a friend.



The American Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals is known ASPCA is one of the largest non-profit animal welfare organizations in the United States. They fight against animals cruelty since 1866. Founded by Mr. Henry Bergh in North America. They did so many projects for animals in past. They have different programs and sub-organizations with quality animal shelters, animal hospitals, and a special behavioral rehabilitation centre for unadoptable dogs.

How to contribute them?

You can easily donate them as a one-time donation or monthly donation. And you can adopt a pet from ASPCA.

Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The biggest elephant rescue sanctuary in the USA was founded in 1995 in Nashville, Tennessee. Elephant Sanctuary is a home for retired elephants in circuses and zoos. The Elephant Sanctuary has more than 2,700 acres of land dedicated to providing natural sanctuaries and facilities for rescued elephants. Elephants are not open to the public for some reason.

There are more than ten elephants in the sanctuary, with plenty of room for more, according to the Elephant Sanctuary. They have also worked with international sanctuaries all over the world to help with rehabilitation and education to improve their knowledge. 

How to contribute them?

You can adopt an elephant and feed them through their programs. 

The Marine Mammal Centre

The Marine Mammal Centre

This is the world largest marine hospital in the world. They rescued more than 24,000 marine mammals since 1975. The Marine Mammal Centre saved more than 300 sea lions from toxicosis.  And they do treatment and rehabilitation of marine mammals. They also undertook the first CT scan of a wild Hawaiian monk seal to treat it successfully. 

How to contribute?

You can donate to the Marine Mammal Center, make a gift in honour of a loved one, or symbolically Adopt-A-Seal that has been released to help future animals.

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