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Choosing a name for your pup is a personal journey, taking into consideration your personality as well as your puppy. Pet parents are increasingly taking their time to pick a perfect name. What is the secret of the perfect dog name? The dog is more likely to respond to certain sounds. Once you have a list of potential names, you must test them out. Calling the name out loud to see how easy it is to say in a variety of tones. You can select the one that rolls off your dog and see what kind of reaction it elicited. If its ears perk or tail wags means that this name is something your dog can be trained. So keep reading to select the best names for your dogs with the meaning. 


Best Names for Dogs (Male Puppies)


You can use this name for your puppy as an honor to comedy king Mr. Charly Chaplin. And this is a great name for your doggo. Chaplin is suitable for funny dogs, chihuahua puppies, and others. Also, it is easy to pronounce.

Best Names for Dogs with the meaning


This name is perfectly matched to male puppies such as Pitbulls, Great Danes, and Mastiffs. Because the meaning of Arlo refers to the solder of an army according to the old English. 


Duke is a great name for a male dog. It is easy to pronounce and its meaning refers to a Boss. Make your puppy a boss with this name. If you are a Husky owner, you can use this name for your Husky puppy. Because this is suitable for huskies.


Cooper is a brilliant classy name for a puppy. If you are a classy person, you are free to use this name for your dog. But this is no match for a fluffy dog like Shih Tzu. Cooper is a heavy name for them. 


Coco is a heart-touching animated movie released in 2017. This is a good name for a male puppy. And also it’s fit for females. Coco is a popular choice for male pups. It is easy to pronounce. So you can shout with that name when your doggo runs everywhere. 


Best Names for Dogs with the meaning

Elvis is a perfect name consider Elvis Presley the Rock and Roll king. You can use this name as a tribute to Elvis Presley. Because Elvis was a huge animal lover. He had two great Danes, a Pomeranian and a chow.


Hey, You just rick-rolled. Rick is a funny name for a boy dog. So you can always stay happy with your dog. This will perfectly match your dog if you are looking for a funny name. So, never gonna give you up with this name. Rick is a unique dog name.


Mick Jagger is one of the popular rock stars in the world. He was the leading singer in the rolling stones. Jagger is good for male puppies.  


Simba is the major character in the Lion King movie. He is the king of his kingdom. Simba is a fine name for male dogs. 


Bolt is an animated movie character. This is a good choice for a white dog with black special marks. Bolt is a very fast dog with superpowers. And Bolt is very protective and loyal to his husband Petunia. So Bolt is also an amazing choice for a pup who will always support you. 


Shadow is perfectly matching for a guard dog. Because they are protecting us like a shadow. You can use this name for a playful dog. Also, Shadow is fit for a grey or black color dog. This is one of the best names for dogs.


Best Names for Dogs with the meaning

Use sting for your hyperactive dog. Sting is an excellent name for hyperactive male dogs.


The Dodge is a Jack Russell Terrier from Oliver and Company (1988). He became friends with the tabby cat Oliver. This is a good name for a smart and kind dog, especially if your puppy is friendly to cats.


Everyone loves Garfield and Odie. Odie is Garfield’s best friend. Everyone loves Odie. Odie is a cute and funny name for your dog. 

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