Best pet groomers nearby New York in 2022

There are so many pet groomers everywhere. There are so many pet shops you can find when you search for pet groomers near me. But can you find a pet groomer that exactly good for your pet? There are so many pet grooming shops in the United States. It is too difficult to find a good pet groomer in New York City. Here we bring best pet groomers in New York. This will be helpful for you. Now you can get an idea about the pet groomers that suitable for your dog.

Coco and Totococo and toto

Coco and Toto is a good pet service company in New York since 2003. This company also operates pet supplies. Coco and Toto is quality pet care and pet grooming centre located in Manhattan, New York. Your pet really loves this place. The crew is really kind to animals. And they know fast-moving designs that actually match your pet. You can shop Coco and Toto on Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. At the weekend you can visit here from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. This is a really cool place for your pet dog/pet cat. If you looking for a dog daycare Coco and Toto is a really good place to keep them secure. Because Coco and Toto is licensed and insured for pets. 

Camp Canine

Camp Canine
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Looking for a perfect place for your pet’s grooming needs? Yeah, Camp Canine is a good place for grooming. This is a pet grooming company registered in 2012. Camp Canine owned by Tania Isenstein. Make your puppy clean and beautiful by visiting Camp Canine grooming salon and spa. Camp Canine can be guaranteed to look amazing after a luxurious day at their salon and spa. Also, new clients can get 25% off for any service. But this is available for first-time clients only. Camp Canine opens on weekdays from 7:00 am to 8.30 pm. And at weekends you can visit around 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. Camp  Canine provides dog daycare service also.

D is for Doggy

D is for Dog

D is for doggy is a New York dog service company that provides dog daycare, dog boarding, dog walking, dog training and dog transportation. And this company provides dog grooming services such as baths, nail clippings, ear cleanings and haircuts. Try  D is for Doggy for your cutie in  New York City. You can get more info about D is for Doggy from their official website. 

Ciao Bow Wow

Bow Wow
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This is a good dog grooming company located in New York. Ciao Bow Wow was founded by Sara Delaney. The Ciao Bow Wow is providing dog grooming services such as nail clipping, haircuts and more. And it provides such as food, apparel, and accessories. Ciao Bow Wow gives daycare periods for smaller breeds. Our supervisors are being concerned with pet experts who recognize dog behaviour, communication, and the nuances of off-leash group play. All their playgroups are small, and their facility is big! So each doggy has lots of room to work out and socialize in a safe, fun and oh-so-comfortable environment. Ciao Bow Wow professional grooming crew carries mild massage, aromatherapy and the quietest dryers to be had to ensure each canine’s grooming experience is comfortable and pleasurable. Your canine will definitely look ahead to being groomed! Woof!

Dog Room Club

Dog bathing image

Dog Room Club is a dog services and pet care company located in New York. They offers dog care, dog boarding, training and transportation services. They have over 10 years of experience in the field. Dog room club is opened 24X7. Try this pet grooming and pet care spot for your companion. 1476 Lexington Ave on 95th Street New York, NY 10128 is the address of this pet care. You can get a great service from here. 

University Animal Hospital

animal clinic

University Animal Hospital is a New York pet health care centre that has been in business for over 25 years. The health care centre staff is led by Dr Lawrence Andrew Zola and offers emergency after-hours offerings for animals. University Animal Hospital has a veterinarian at the premises 24/7 for offering in-house patient care and boarding supervision. They provide great service for you. This pet hospital offers services such as ear cleaning, fur maintaining and other grooming services. There are good doctors for your pet. 

The veterinarians and staff at University Animal Hospital are committed to offering you and your pet the maximum superior and complete medical care treatments possible. Your pets want the right dental care to experience the longest, healthiest lives possible. Caring for your canine or cat’s oral health could make an enormous distinction in their quality of life. SO finally this Universal Animal Hospital opens only Monday to Saturday. You can get more information from their official website here.

Downtown Doghouse

Downtown Doghouse
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Downtown Doghouse is a New York pet care &  grooming company that is owned & operated by Nancy Chinchar. Chinchar studied in the Nash Academy of Animal Arts & opened Downtown Doghouse in the year 2003. She presents a complete variety of dog grooming services which includes hand scissoring, hand stripping, show cuts, teeth brushing, blueberry facials, hydro surge massage, and nail and bang trims.

Unleashed Spa

Unleashed Spa

Unleashed Spa is a pet grooming and pet spa center located in heart of the New York. The company provides dog baths and a full pet grooming service. There are high-quality accessories, collars, toys and other pet products. The unleashed spa provides blueberry facials, haircuts, nail clipping, aromatherapy treatments to your pet. 

Ruby & Jack’s Doggy shack

Ruby and Jacks Doggy shack
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Aaron Tropp and Michael Friedenberg are the founding members and the owners of Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack. It is a big pet grooming company in New York. They will give personal care and attention to your pets. Whether your dog or cat is right here for play, boarding or grooming, they dedicated to assembly their needs, all even as showering them with affection in a healthful vicinity they’ll remember a second home. Definitely, they will love this place. Your dog can get experience fully grooming service from Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack. Here you can get a high-quality professional service.

Walter’s Pet Styles

Walter’s Pet Styles
Walter’s Pet Styles provide excellent pet grooming services to their customers located in New York. They provide good pet care, pet boarding and dog training service.  Walter’s Pet Styles have luxury products to ensures your pet smelling and feeling better. They do great oral cleaning too. You can get a Mini Groom if you not ready for a full groom. In the mini groom, they maintain face, head, tail, paws excluding body and legs. There are cat services also. So you can get your pet cat and the dog at once. Walter’s Pet Styles is an expert option for pet groomer near you. You can request appointments via their official website. So those are the best pet groomers nearby New York. Click to read about healthy pet food for your dog. This will helps you to decide the best puppy food for your dog.


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