Cane Corso – All About Cane Corso Dog Breed

Running around your property and take care of it will be the most favorite thing about your Cane Corso. As an owner of a Cane Corso, your responsibility is to provide him with loving guidance to make him a better dog. Cane Corso is a family-only dog breed. You should not expect him to buddy up with everybody who comes to your home. He trusts and cares only about the family members but not the strangers. This expensive Italian dog breed is called Italian Mastiff too.

Cane Corso is an active, powerful dog. So he needs big tasks to do. If you don’t provide a job to do he will show destructive behavior, such as chewing up your furniture, digging holes, or barking at passerby. If you are an owner of a big farmyard, no doubt your Cane Corso will help you with the livestock. He will love to do energetic work but is an independent dog who is very loyal and protective. Keep your Cane Corso in a place well fenced and with much space.

Cane Corso Exercise
image credits: pexels

How to train a Cane Corso puppy?

Cane Corso puppies learn more when they are 3-12 weeks old. You can begin with simple training at first. It is very easy to teach them commands. So you can start with basic commands like ‘sit, ‘run’, ‘stay’, or ‘down.’ These commands will help your Cane Corso’s safety. They are very athletic than other dogs. Playing or running outdoors is the most interesting task for them. Walking at least 3 or 4 hours a day is very important to keep the mussels in good form. It will also help to release the stress in your Cane Corso. You can try some physical exercises or intelligence games to make your dog an all-rounder. Your Cane Corso puppy can understand several responses and voice commands. But it is very essential to praise him or give rewards when he has done something good. You need to do a rapid correction when you do not accept what he did.

how to train a cane corso puppy
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They need early socialization. You can do this when they are small. Exposure to other people, play with children, sights, different sounds, and experiences are best when they are only three or four months old. These are very important to keep your Cane Corso puppy growing up as an intelligent dog but not a fearful or aggressive dog. Let your Cane Corso puppy develop his confidence to spend time alone. You can arrange a suitable place such as a kennel or a yard to keep the puppy when you cannot pay much attention to him. Spending time alone will help him to understand the situation and wait till your return.

Cane Corso – Amazing colors

The color is a significant fact to consider when you purchase a puppy as your protector or companion. The acceptable colors are black, lighter, grey, and darker shades of grey, fawn, shades of fawn, and red. But you may get a chance to meet some rare color Cane Corso puppies too.

Black Brindle Cane Corso

black brindle cane corso
credits – Arthur Franco

They have a brown or red base and ‘Tiger Strips’ which are black. This mixed color Cane Corso does not reflect any genetic anomaly. Among other breed colors, this Black Brindle Corso has the longest life expectancy. He will live with you for more than one decade.

Gray Cane Corso

The recessive dilute gene is the reason to inherit this unusual dog color to the cane Corso. They are also called “blue” by many breeders.

Gray Cane Corso
image- Wikimedia commons

Gray Brindle Cane Corso

This is not typical of the solid gray Corso puppy. They get a brown base and ‘tiger stripes’ which are greyish blue.

Fawn color

The puppies have a range of brown colors which means cream color to tan color. It is very easy to identify a fawn Cane Corso as they have a black or gray mask that does not go beyond the eyes.

Red Cane Corso

You may love to have a Cane Corso puppy with an array of red shade coats. There are some puppies with deep mahogany shade or pale champagne color. These red cane Corso also has a black or gray mask around their eyes.  

Red color Cane corso
image credits – pexels

Black Cane Corso

Black is the most sought-after color in this breed. The black Cane Corso is very tricky and he makes the pup appear more menacing. They come with an elegant look with his glowing brown eyes within a solid black coat. The color will give an ideal look to your Cane Corso as a personal protector.

Black Cane Corso
Instagram – novastar_canecorso

When Consider Cane Corso Colours you may find some unbelievable color ranges. Though these colors are rare, the breeders should not take it as an advantage to sell a puppy into high value. It will be very interesting to have a puppy in a variety of colors. Those rare colors are Chesnut Brindle, Blue, Blue Fawn, Chocolate color, Isabella Fawn, and Formentino. The above color Corsi is very rare because they inherit these colors due to recessive genes. However, many breeders are interested in breed Cane Corso to achieve rare color puppies to sell at higher prices.

Cane Corso Health Issues

Generally, Cane Corso is a healthy dog breed. But some common problems can arise as allergies, eye problems, hip dysplasia, blot: gastric dilatation, or joint problems.

Skin problems are also common to Cane Corso and those deep pyodermas, chin folliculitis, and elbow hygroma. Under this skin problem, your Cane Corso has to suffer from ear infections, Hot spots, excessive itching painful joints, or prolonged healing of wounds.

Cane Corso Health Isuues
Instagram – novastar_canecorso

The easiest way to overcome this issue you can provide omega 3 supplements to your Cane Corso’s diet. But it is better to consult your vet before taking this decision. Your vet will advise you how to use omega 3 according to the age and the size of your Corso.

When you identify its allergy symptoms-itchiness, watery eyes, ear inflammation, or redness need to meet your vet as soon as possible. 

If you experience issues like destructive chewing, anxiety, continuous barking, fearfulness, or aggressiveness, turn to brain training for dogs.

Paw Problems for Cane Corso

Paw problems which arise due to bacterial and fungal infections are common in dogs’ paw pads. If your Corso licks or chews his paws have a look at them and do a treatment to prevent it. Cuts, abrasions, or tears are the common symptoms of this issue. It is very painful for the dog to have dry or cracked paw pads. When you identify refusing playtime, licking or chewing paws, spend more time resting, and even refusing food, do not get delay to visit your veterinarian surgeon.

Best Food to Make Your Cane Corso Strong

You may be imagining a well-balanced delicious food for your four-legged personal bodyguard. It is a little bit difficult to decide the best type of food for this massive type of dog as that food must supply the nutrient and calorie needs of the dog.

If you are searching for dry dog food for your Cane Corso check for ingredients with enough calories, protein percentage, real meat, chicken or turkey, and vitamins.

There are various types of dry food under various brand names but make sure which is more suitable for your Cane Corso.

Cute Cane Corso Puppy
image credits – novastar_canecorso

Switching on to Home-Made Food for Your Cane Corso

Natural homemade food is the best to keep your dog healthy rather than running after pre-packed commercial food. Your dog will be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods with more nutrients.

You can change the diet at least twice a week to make sure your Corso gets all nutrients he needs. You will have to spend some time preparing his food. Once the meal is prepared you can serve one portion and store the leftovers in airtight containers in a refrigerator for one week and in a freezer for 3 months. Take out one each time before feeding the dog and let it come down to room temperature.

Try these ingredients

Now, let’s look at the most suitable ingredients to make a wholesome diet for your Corso. Protein should be the main nutrient in your dog’s food. To fulfill this need you can include chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, lamb, poultry, beef, pork, liver chicken, cod, eggs, or rabbit in the meal.

A significant portion of carbohydrates also needs to make the food well-balanced. Add corn, oats, brown rice, potatoes, whole grain, or peas to the meal.

Your dog may love to take some fruits too as a part of his meal and also it is very important to fulfill the vitamin and mineral needs. But too many fruits will lead to digestive dysfunction. Apples, pears, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, cantaloupe, and strawberries are suitable to make the food delicious. 

Vegetables also help to provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber to a dog’s meals. But start with low vegetable content at the beginning as your dog doesn’t like them much. You are advised to add some beans, carrots, broccoli pumpkins, tomatoes, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, mustard greens, and Turpin greens to keep the dog healthy.

Fat is a significant fact to raise the calories in food and encourage healthy skin and coat. You can add olive oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, butter, fish oil, peanut butter, or corn oil to make the meal so tasty as well.

Don’t add these to your dog’s meal

When preparing dog food at home, make sure not to add any chocolate, walnuts, grapes, onions, shallots, garlic, or mushroom into the meal as they are dangerous for dogs. And it can lead to illness.

Guide to Groom Your Cane Corso

Grooming your Cane Corso is quite easy as they have very short coats. But it is a little bit hard job due to his size. They require special attention because all Cane Corso bear a short double coat.

Grooming will be hard for beginners as Corso is very powerful and usually they don’t stand still for grooming. But if you trained Cane Corso puppy at an early age for grooming, it will be quite an easy task. They are clever enough to respond to your commands.

Big Italian Mastiff

How often should you bathe your cane Corso?

Your Italian Mastiff needs a bath every 4-7 weeks or when it gets dirty from playing or running outdoors. They have a short but very thick coat. The dirty coat will be the reason for many infections. It is very important to clean the coat properly when bathing. If you noticed molting on your dog’s coat, you should bathe your poach. Once every week to ascertain proper hygiene.

Black Cane Corso
image credits: Unsplash

As a Cane Corso’s are very reluctant to bathing. You should complete the bathing process very quickly. It is a fine idea to collect everything you need for the place before starting the process. If not you may need to run after the dog to catch him.

To make the task effortless you can get some lukewarm water in the tub. Now the time is to use your commands to Cane Corso as it is very powerful and a bit stubborn when bathing. They don’t like water much. So you need to be quick as they are tricky and may not do the same thing many times. The bathtub is fine for your big buddy. But if it is a puppy, you can use the sink or something else. You should clean the ears while bathing with cotton. Brushing his teeth and the coat can be done at least two times a week. Their sharp and hooky nails need to be trimmed using a clipper once every two weeks. You can use your strict commands while doing these things but be trim and let your dog know that you are not going to hurt him.


Are Cane Corsos good family dogs?

Cane Corso is a superfamily companion if you can provide him loving guidance to make him a good dog. He is a great protector to your family including children. To raise him to this point he needs socialization and better training at an early age. Cane Corso is an intelligent dog breed that likes to learn. If you do not control his protective nature he will start to find all strangers threatening. 

Cane Corso Puppy
Image – pixabay

To keep friendly with people and other dogs, you can bring him for walks outside where new people might be. When your Cane Corso comes to other dogs it will be aggressive. Especially with same-sex dogs.

When you play with your Cane Corso puppy be sure not to tug on his tails or ears. He will love to play fetch, tug of war or hide and seek with you. But avoid playing tackling or wrestling. It is very important to teach your children how to play with a dog, as your Cane Corso is a mighty dog with a high bite force. Using a heavy-duty leash and a harness to keep them from pulling is essential when you walk outside with him. If you train your Corso well, he might love and protect you to death.

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