Christmas and Dogs

Church bells sound to announce the arrival of the fascinating festive season. We all are counting fingers to celebrate the best time of the year. We have millions of things such as gifts, carols, music, colorful decorations, Xmas trees, Santa, snow, raindeers, fun games, a lot of shopping, delicious food, and many more to make the season wonderful. But, what about your pet?

Does it know it’s the Christmas season?

Although your pet dog or cat cannot understand what is Christmas, they do understand the variety of patterns quite well. Especially dogs are intelligent enough to identify those varieties very well. They are very alert to environmental changes, the presence of visitors they never met earlier, a lot of music, colorful lights, and other changes.

Dogs in Christmas season

The Perspective of your pooch on Christmas.

As an animal with high curiosity, your lovely doggy wants to get its paws on colorfully wrapped parcels around the Christmas tree and find out what is inside those nice boxes. Sometimes he may bark at them, as he cannot wait to chew them and pull them apart.

You are the one who should take care of those gifts and make sure to keep those out of reach to your furry friend.

What does your doggy think about food?

Christmas cookies for dogs

Mouth-watering smells around the home, make your doggy think “What an aroma! if I can have a little  to taste them.”

When you are arranging the Christmas feast your lovely pooch will always be in the front of the line. No doubt, You also are willing to offer your pet’s share to taste. But be careful, some human food may harm your loved one. Especially foods like chocolates and grapes are poisonous to them. It is better to preoccupy some antler chews away from the Christmas table for your doggy.

Does your doggy need attention?

You may be very busy preparing meals, arranging final decorations, or welcoming guests. You have no time to pay much attention to your furry friend. He may roam freely around your home and sometimes try to escape from all these things. Don’t let your doggy do any dangerous activities such as pulling leftovers, chewing electric wires in your Christmas decorations, or tearing gift boxes.

To avoid all these hazards you can keep your pooch inside a separate room with enough food and water. It will make your doggy stress-free time as most dogs don’t like to have visitors they have never met earlier.

Christmas and dogs.

The way your doggy can enjoy Christmas.

With the soft snowflakes, Christmas brings happy holidays each year. Like people, our pets also are waiting to welcome snowfalls and roll over on white meadows. This is very special for the nordic breeds like retrievers and huskies. They tend to like to snow much and can survive in cold weather.

Christmas is the time to have lots of gifts. Your doggy will also like to have a new toy or a new collar even though he doesn’t understand much about Christmas and dogs can understand the changes, patterns, and various settings well. So, he will love to get involved with the celebrations at your home.

You should not forget to pay a little attention to your doggy and spend little time cuddling him even though you are very busy with household work. Do you know why?

Your doggy doesn’t probably understand what is going on and the only thing he wants is your love.

Selena James
I'm Selina. An author and a content creator. I love to travel around the world. Also, I am a pet lover and a veterinarian. I am happy to share my knowledge with you all by sharing those stuff. Hope these bring a smile to your face!

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