Dog-safe Christmas Eve And Fun-Filled Holiday

Christmas is a season full of fun. All the members of the family get together on holiday and make preparation for the coming festival. Pets are also a part of a family. They love to take part in the events at home. It is our responsibility to make the environment safe for our loving pets.

How to Select Dog-safe Decorations?

Do you know that certain kinds of decorative items are dangerous for your dog?

We must plan everything carefully before decorating our home. Some ornaments made of glass or breakable plastic, shiny gift wrappers, and also some kinds of Christmas plants may dangerous for dogs.

So, the well-planned Christmas will keep your dog safe and both you and your dog can enjoy the celebration. This plan will help you to use it at every special event at home. If so, no one can spoil your family fun in the festive season. Let’s look at the most important things we should take into our consideration.

dog in Christmas

Dog-safe Christmas tree

The fun begins with the arrival of the Christmas tree at the home. Your lovely dog will be the first to welcome it. He will run around it, smell it, and sometimes try to bite or jump at spiky leaves. You must be careful about everything happening.

Take the tree carefully into the home and make sure to cover the water bowl of the tree, so that your dog can not drink water from it. The preservatives you add to the water to keep the tree alive will not be safe for your lovely dog.

The fallen spiky leaves of the Christmas tree should be removed frequently. If your dog eats those sharp points of the leaves, it will be dangerous and injure its digestive tract. You may be imagining having an artificial tree to avoid the risk. But don’t let him play with it or bite it as the broken parts of plastic or metal parts of the tree may be dangerous for your dog.

Dog-safe Christmas tree decorative ornaments.

Be sure to use all the decorations, ornaments, and gifts pet-safe. When your dog gets a chance to reach those decorations, he will try to get its paws on them and bite them. He will try to pull unsafety electric wires used in your Christmas tree. The shiny decorations are very attractive to your dog. He will love to play with them. But be careful, thin plastic and glass parts can cut your dog’s digestive tract.

If you are using those types of items or decorations, make sure to use them on the upper branches. But it is more suitable and safe if you can avoid glass ornaments.

Dog safe Christmas decorations

When you are using fake snow on your tree don’t forget to investigate the ingredients in them. Colorful decorative lights add glamour to your Xmas tree. It is a good idea to have those colorful bulbs on the high branches only. Keep all electric wires out of reach of your dog.

The most important thing is to place your Christmas tree in a safe place because your curious canine will jump into it and knock it down.

Safe Christmas table decoration

Candleholders with red candles illuminate and add a glamorous look to your Christmas table. It is very attractive and natural. But did you pay attention to the things that can happen with your pet dog? He will try to get its paws on the flame and damage himself and the home as well.

 You can change the idea of having natural candles and turn them into artificial candles with a natural look. You are advised to buy safe battery-operated LED candles to decorate your Christmas table.

Christmas table for dogs

To bring a natural effect to Christmas Eve some people use natural plants on the table. Also, it is a tradition to bring certain types of Christmas plants home. This is a fine idea but make sure to use plants that are safe for your canine friend. It is better to know the harmful effects that can influence dogs. Some beautiful plants can be toxic or irritating to dogs. It is very important to keep in your mind that if your dog eats the plant, the effect might be dangerous.

Here are the poisonous plants for your dog.


Holly is a colorful plant with red berries and prickly-edged evergreen leaves. This is a very popular plant to make Christmas more beautiful.

Holly plant
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But it contains toxins and also causes mechanical damage to the digestive system if your dog has eaten its spiny leaves. 


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Poinsettia is the most popular indoor Christmas plant. It is a very attractive plant with dark green leaves and leafy red bracts. It is considered a poisonous plant for dogs. The milky white sap in Poinsettia contains harmful chemicals. When ingested, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling can be seen. Eye exposure can result in irritation.


This is a parasitic plant that attaches to another tree. The berries of this plant consider as toxic for dogs. To avoid the risk, you can have artificial plants which look so natural and add colorful natural effects to your decoration.

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Attractiveness, as well as the fragrance, is also needed to make the event grandeur. We use Potpourri as a decoration with scented oils. It is a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is kept in a glass bowl for its fragrance. But be careful, the ingredients and the oils used for Potpourri can be dangerous for your dog. So, don’t let it smell those.

Dog-safe Christmas Food

Christmas is a season sharing candy, sweet food, delicious desserts, and various types of drinks. Most of us don’t think twice to share that food with our furry friends too. That is our love to them. But do you know that most human foods are not suitable for dogs?

On this special day, you can treat your dog with well-cooked turkey or chicken with no stuffing sauce. Make sure to remove bones. Avoid offering desserts. To keep your dog stress-free during this period, provide enough food and a bowl of water in a place where calm and quiet.

wine table in Christmas 2021

Tasty human foods that are not dog-safe

Let’s concerned about foods that are not safe for dogs.


When we talk about Christmas food chocolate comes at first. Though it is a special food with lots of varieties for us, can you believe it is poisonous for dogs?

The chemical in chocolate called theobromine is very dangerous for dogs. This chemical can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and increased urine production. Also, it can increase the heartbeat of your dog and stimulate the central nervous system. So, keep in mind to avoid food with chocolates as it is not a safe food for your dog.

chocolates that harm for dogs
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Raisins and Grapes

Both raisins and grapes are poisonous for dogs. This fruit can cause kidney failure and it can be deadly for some dogs. The condition develops after six hours of eating the fruit. It is better to keep those foods out of reach of your dog. Make sure not to offer any food containing raisins and grapes.

Dairy products and Yeast

Christmas feast will be more enjoyable and complete with a delicious dessert. To prepare various desserts we use dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and also yeast. We make various cakes, pudding, pies, cookies, tarts, and many other foods using those ingredients. Though all these tasty desserts create a mouth-watering image to us they are potentially dangerous for dogs. Be sure to store these foods in a place where your dog cannot reach them

Onion, Garlic, and Chives

These are the most popular ingredients that are used to make your Christmas dish delicious. But dogs show allergies to those foods. The food with onion, garlic, and chive can create digestive problems, drooling, vomiting, and abdominal pain for your dog. The seriousness depends on the amount it has eaten.


Alcoholic beverages are very popular during Christmas Eve. These drinks are only for humans but not for dogs. Your responsibility is to keep those beverages away from your dog as they are very dangerous poisons for your dog. Alcohol can lead to coma and even death for your dog.

To maintain happiness throughout the season you should create a dog-safe environment at your home. images from Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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