How to Bathe a Siberian Husky Properly – Secret methods

It is not easy to bathe a Husky. Whenever you try and get a husky in the water they jump out the flail all over. Make a mess of your entire washroom whenever you’re just trying to get things neat and clean. Husky is a highly active dog breed but does not like water. So here we teach you a whole bunch of tips and tricks to bathe them properly. So that everyone at home who’s got a Siberian Husky can bathe without getting things wired and destroyed. Let’s talk about how to bathe a Siberian Husky properly.

Best Place to Bathe Husky

Siberian Husky

There are a couple of things to do before you get them into the water. So what are they? A lot of people are probably like the best place to bathe a husky is outside. When Huskies are wet, they can just wag their tail do that thing where they get all of the water off of their fur and it won’t get onto your furniture or carpets in your house. 

But, so as soon as you are done wiping them down as soon as you’re done getting that bath done the chances of them going and rubbing their face in the grass. Because you’re outside and there are dozens of dirty things and muddy. We need huskies clean and it is the purpose of bathing them. So I prefer to bathe them indoors. It is not easy. But it can make sure your dog is clean. 

How to Bathe a Siberian Husky

Keep them tired before Bathe 

Play with them for a while before bathing them. They will get tired soon. So this is the ideal condition that you want your husky in whenever you’re about to bathe then give bath them a bath. So they will keep calm when they are in the water. Before you bathe go ahead and exercise your Siberian Husky it’s gonna make things so much easier. 

Use your Bathtub

Huskies are smart. So they will not stay under the shower. Try to bathe them in your bathtub. 

Bathroom tub ideas

Use Quality Products

Always use good products for your pets. Always take care of your doggo’s health. It is not easy to find the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your pet. Make sure to use safe ingredients for them. And use a quality comb to brush their fur. 

Peanut Butter Therapy

peanut butter for huskies

Exercising a husky just is not enough sometimes. They have extra energy that just keeps ongoing. This tip will work for you. This is peanut butter therapy. So go ahead and grab yourself a jar of peanut butter. Get a spoon and decorate your wall tiles near the bathtub. Make sure it’s not on the wall. Because you can easily clean it. This method is extremely effective when you bathe your husky. 

Also, you can paste a small cracker on the peanut butter on your wall tile. This would be helpful for you when Husky comes to getting water all over them and making them feel uncomfortable. Most times whenever you put your Siberian Husky in the bathtub and they have a distraction of peanut butter. Putting water on them is going to be a piece of cake. Try this secret method for your Husky.

Make sure that the water does not flow normally. It makes them nervous and scared. So keep the water off until the husky get in the bathtub. Also, use a medium-sized cup to pour water into the husky.

Keep more towels ready

3 towels photos

Huskies typically need two to three towels to dry off. Make sure that you have a towel ready before bathe them. Also, you can use a dryer to dry their fur. So they cant to wet your furniture and carpets.

There are so many amazing pieces of Husky advice here. If you are looking to rescue a husky for the first time, there are things to do know before rescue a Husky. Click here to read tips for husky owners from us. Like us on Facebook and keep in touch with us.

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