How to take care of newborn puppies step by step

Seeing your dog with puppies of her own can be one of the significant events in your life. However, the newborn puppies are all soft and cuddly. The responsibility of taking care of the puppies beings to set in. So how do you get ready to take care of tiny, squeaking balls of fur? First, let’s go on about what you can do to help mother dogs raise and protect their puppies well. So let’s discuss how to take care of newborn puppies step by step.

Keep newborn puppies warm.

new born puppies

Newborn pups are unable to regulate their body temperature properly. Also, they can’t see anything because their eyes are seal at this stage. They can only do smell and touch, and even they can’t hear anything. Newborn puppies are sensitive. So please give more attention to them in good status. Please keep them in a clean and warm room with blankets. If puppies are alone without a mother, try to keep them in a safe place.

Nutrition needs for newborn puppies

caring of newborn puppies

It takes about two weeks to open puppy eyes. In these two weeks, they need more mother’s milk. So they drink milk every couple of hours from their mother. Do not separate puppies from their mother. It would be best if you gave Mother dog time to rest with her puppies undisturbed. Mother dogs produce a milky-textured substance called colostrum. Colostrum helps to create a healthy immune system for puppies.

If something unexpected happens to the dog mom or rejects kids, you should get veterinary advice. Make sure to get enough supplements for the puppies. Feeding a newborn puppy is not easy. A newborn should feed lying on his bellies. In any other position, it may cause a choke. Like a human baby, you need to heat the milk to about 100 degrees or body temperature. You take a bit of advice from your veteran.

Would you please keep your eyes on their hygiene?

newborn puppy

Newborn puppies need help to go to the bathroom because they can’t do it without anyone’s help. So dog mother licks their genital and anal areas to clean. If the puppies are orphans, Get cotton to clothe and warm water, soak them in the water and gently rub them. Be careful because newborn puppies are sensitive.

Do not try to bathe them. Puppies will die. They cant adapt their body temperature. Wait around 6 to 8 weeks to clean them softly.

Vet Checkup for puppies

How to take care of newborn puppies

After six weeks, you can bring the puppies for a vet checkup. Six weeks is the ideal time to get their first vaccinations. Vaccination includes Parvovirus, Distemper virus, Parainfluenza virus, Adenovirus. So you should bring your puppy to vaccinate it after six weeks. Your puppy can get shots for Bordetella, Rabies first year, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza H3N2, and H3N8 after 8 to 12 weeks. Now you have an idea about how to take care of newborn puppies.

After their teeth are out, they can get food. So try to give good stuff to them. Here you can get an idea about the puppy foods that can fulfill your puppy’s needs. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to get more incredible stuff like this.


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