Is Pooping a Difficult Task For Your Dog? – DOG CONSTIPATION

You may have noticed your dog straining or not pooping as often as normal to him. Is constipation a common issue for dogs? 

Yes, most of the time, but it can be normal if your dog can recover quickly on his own.

Constipation is not normal if your dog struggles to poop every day. It means your pet needs medical treatment quickly. Most of the time constipation can be a more serious underlying problem. So, don’t wait till the problem gets worse. Take your companion to the vet right away.

How can you identify constipation?

You need to keep the eye on your dog to see whether your dog poops for 24 hours. If he goes over 48 hours without pooping, it might be a problem. If your dog crouches to poop or walks without pooping, it is also a symptom of constipation. Is your dog yelps from pain while pooping? Must pay attention, this too is a sign of constipation. To start medical treatments, check whether the situation improves.

Potential reasons for constipation.

  • Not having enough fiber in the meal
  • Having too much fiber in the meal
  • Trouble in anal gland
  • Too long fur
  • Eating hard objects
  • Tumors in the rectum

Dog Pooping problems

Not having enough fiber in the meal

Fiber is essential for the process of digestion. If a dog eats too little fiber, he can be easily constipated. So as a good pet owner choose quality food for your companion or you can prepare a well-balanced meal by yourself using natural ingredients.

solution for Dog constipation

Having too much fiber in the meal

Too much fiber can also cause constipation. Soluble fiber absorbs water in the digested food and forms a gel-like thing. This substance slows down the digestion process. You must be very careful when choosing food for your pet and don’t forget to read what they contain.

Trouble in anal gland

The enlarged anal gland of your dog may cause constipation. The anal glands should be checked by a vet if you noticed any difficulty in pooping.

Too long fur

Ausie Shepherd

This happens to the dogs which have long fur. The long fur mats around the anus can create a problem like constipation. Grooming is very essential for these types of dogs. Make sure to trim very carefully as it is a very sensitive area. If it is difficult for you, call a professional groomer or your vet to do it under control.

Eating hard objects

Dogs like to bite hard objects like wood, stones, plastic, or some other objects that should not eat. If he swallows these parts, it will be dangerous while pooping. In a situation like this, you should not do anything to make him poop. Take your dog to the vet and he might get those out via surgery if necessary.

Tumors in the rectum

The dogs which have tumors in the rectum will suffer while pooping. Must give immediate treatment to make your dog ease.


Of course, If you left your dog untreated, the situation will get worse and create serious problems. Therefore, the best thing is to tell your vet about the condition and he will recommend necessary remedies.




It is a good idea to find some easy solutions rather than waiting till the problem gets worse. Well-balanced nutritious food and much exercise will lead your dog to a healthy life without constipation.

You can add pumpkin to your dog’s meal as it is a high-fiber food and safe for your dog to ingest. If you are willing to give canned food, buy 100% pure pureed pumpkin in the baking aisle and mix it with your dog’s meal. The quality and safe food will maintain the healthy gastrointestinal tract of your pet.

Make sure to keep a bowl of fresh water available throughout the day as it will help to keep away dehydration and constipation as well.


Lead your dog an active day with lots of exercises such as playing, brisk walking, or any dog-friendly work-out. Exercise will help your dog to overcome constipation. Most dogs like to poop while walking with their masters. Walking a long-distance or playing outside for hours will help to improve pooping habits too.



Using a stool softener is a good solution for constipation but it is better to get a piece of advice from the vet before using it because most medications are not intended for dog use. Your vet will tell you about the best stool softener which suits your dog.

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