Long Coat Dalmatian Vs. Lemon Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a large dog breed that anyone can easily identify with its unique spots. Dalmatian is a friendly, attractive dog breed. And Dalmatians love their people and children. If you are looking for a Dalmatian, they are an intelligent and highly active dog breed. They can understand your orders easily. Dalmatians are enthusiastic about games and exercises. There are so many types of Dalmatians in the world. Long Coat Dalmatian and Lemon Dalmatian are two of them. Which one is the better? Here we discuss both. Then you can have an idea about long coat dalmatian and lemon dalmatian.

History of Dalmatians

Dalmatians are a very popular dog breed, unfortunately, their origins are unknown. These dogs have travelled with Romans and gipsies. But some dog researchers said Dalmatian is originated from Croatia. Dalmatians used as a guard dog in history. In the United Kingdom, dalmatian was developed as a coaching dog and a horse runner. It became a firehouse dog when it migrates to the United States. 

Long Coat Dalmatian

Long coat dalmatian was bred for horse protection. They have powerful eyesight. Long-coat Dalmatians are a loyal and bright breed. They have great stamina with them. Long Coat Dalmatians weigh about 45 to 60 pounds. Female dogs are about 22 inches tall and males about 23 inches. Long Coat Dalmatians have a cute tail with them. Long Coat Dalmatians coat is thick and small. Dalmatians need regular brushing. Because they shed a lot. They live about 10 to12 years. 

Long Coat Dalmatian Vs. Lemon Dalmatian
image credit: pexels.com

Long Coats are sensitive and intriguing. So they love children. If you are love to walk Dalmatian is a perfect choice for you. And treat them well. Do not give high-fat ingredients to your dog. Click here to read about the human foods that can eat dogs. The long coat dalmatian is a good choice for you. 

Lemon Dalmatian

Lemon Dalmatian
image credits- https://www.instagram.com/p/CGRdYIjn6vt/

 The Lemon Dalmatian is one of the oldest dog breeds. And Lemon Dalmatians are caused by the same gene as the yellow colour of Labrador dogs-the colour can range from very light to dark red. Lemons are very unique dog breed. 

Lemon Dalmatians born white or black and develop their orange spots within few weeks. Their primary colour is white or black. After few weeks their brown spots will appear. Spots should be round and spread with a 2-3cm diameter. The spots are bigger in the body than their head and tail. A rare coloured spot in a lemon Dalmatian. These colours are similar to the colours of lemons. Also, some lemon Dalmatians got an orange coloured nose. So Lemon Dalmatians are so unique dog breed. Both are active and playful. What do you like most? Here we have some tips for husky owners. Share this with if you have a friend with a husky.


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