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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth always introduces measures to protect our animals and nature. Following a speech of Queen Elizabeth, the United Kingdom Government published a history-making decision for Animal welfare. This plan is designed to overturn the treatment of animals in the UK.

The United Kingdom Government also took another important step to strengthen animal welfare. They have recognized animals as sentient beings. Also, they took measures to introduce a new animal sentience Bill in the parliament. They imply that animal welfare is at the centre of government decision-making.

Queen Elizabeth Signs new law
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They tried to prove that they are animal lovers and they were the first people to pass animal welfare laws in the world. Their action plan for animal welfare will deliver on their manifesto commitment. That is to ban the export of live animals for slaughter, disallow keeping primates as pets and bring in new jurisprudence to tackle puppy smuggling. Environment secretary George Eustice stated that the UK government planned to implement the world’s toughest ivory ban and a ban on the import of hunting “trophies” to protect iconic species.

The way the government will improve welfare for animals

  • Introduce mandatory microchips for cats
  • Crackdown on pet theft via new government task 
  • Crackle puppy smuggling
  • Ban remote controlled training e collars
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The Government hopes to protect animals using

  • New legal guidelines to crack down on illegal hare coursing
  • Support legislation to curtail the use of glue traps
  • New laws to make it illegal to keep primates as pets
  • Provide funds for wildlife conservation projects

How they protect animal abroad

  • Ban the import of hunting “trophies”
  • Brought forward Ivory Act to prohibit the sale of ivory
  • Discovery of a ban on the sale of foie gras
  • Ban the advertisements of practices abroad, such as elephants rides

Welfare for farm animals

  • Stop the export of live animals for slaughter
  • Take new measures to improve health and welfare during transportation
  • Inspect the use of cages for chicken and farrowing  crates for pigs
  • Motivate farmers to improve animal health
  • Improve animal welfare at slaughter

The United Kingdom government will also assure that animal welfare is not compromised in all future trade diplomacy. The action plan for animal welfare comes less than one month after Queen Elizabeth signed the animal welfare Act 2021 into Law.

This new law increases the highest penalty for animal cruelty in England and Wales. It is for six months to five years in prison. Read previous law that Queen Elizabeth signed. And like us on Facebook to get amazing stuff from there.


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