Tips to make your Toy Poodle Smart – groom toy poodles at home

A well-groomed, clean and smart toy poodle brings you pleasure and stress-free life. If you are a pet owner you must concern about its healthy well-being. These tips may help you to groom your toy poodle perfectly. To make grooming a fun-filled job you should learn how to do it properly. Especially pets like toy poodles need regular grooming.

From numerous techniques, you are free to use any type of technique to groom your lovely toy poodle. Every five or six weeks, you should turn on a complete grooming process to make your toy poodle more attractive.

How to groom your Toy Poodle?

How to groom your toy poodle?

Warm Bath for your poodle

How often should I bathe my dog?

It is very important to start grooming with a warm shower. Unlike other breeds, toy poodles need a bath every day. You can use mild hot water with 110 Fahrenheit temperature to clean your toy poodle. While the toy poodle is in the tub, make sure to open the drain cover to flow out the used water. Your toy poodle will like to have hot water spray as it is a dog who loves to play in the water. Choose the best dog shampoo which suits your toy poodle and use it once your toy poodle is completely wet. An oval shape sponge can be used to work shampoo on the coat of the poodle. make sure not to enter soapy water into the eyes. After applying shampoo use hot rinse the shampoo off completely. Don’t forget to clean every part as well as paws properly. After cleaning the entire body, wrap the toy poodle using a thick towel. Remove excess water with that and again use another towel to wipe the coat well.

How to groom your toy poodle?

The way to trim the coat

Tips to make your Toy Poodle Smart

Trimming should be done to a well-dried coat. So, if your Toy Poodle is still wet, use a blow dryer to dry off the coat. Then you can think of a style to make your toy poodle great. You can get a decision to have the hair of the poodle short or long. Sometimes you may like to have long hair for your toy poodle but it is more suitable to trim the hair very short around the eyes and the base of the legs. Before choosing a style for your toy poodle, search for some more ideas and pictures in magazines and books. Various kinds of poodle styles will help you to select the most suitable for your lovely Toy poodle. 


When you trim the coat, use a ball tip scissor to make the process more comfortable. You can spray some water on the hair and comb it to remove the excess. Trimming hair around the eyes should be done very slowly and carefully.

How to clean ears?

A fine trimming is not enough for your toy poodle to keep clean. Do you know how to clean the ears of your Toy Poodle? It is a very easy task but very important. You are advised to use only cotton balls and water to clean their ears. Do cleaning slowly and softly and make sure not to harm the skin of the ear as it is very sensitive.

How to clip off the nails?

Once your toy poodle’s nails touching the ground you can think of trimming them. Normally dogs don’t like this. Let your poodle play with the trimmer for some time to get rid of the fear of the tool. You can hold the foot firmly and gently and start snipping off a small bit of the end of each nail. Do it very carefully to maintain the ideal nail length of the toy poodle you should do trimming approximately once a month.

Tips to make your Toy Poodle Smart

Why do Toy Poodles need nail clipping?

Generally, all toy poodles love to be very active throughout the day. If the nails of the toy poodle are too long it will be a hindrance to its activities. Most of the poodles live inside the home with people. Your toy poodle also will be in your bedroom with you. His long nails can damage your floor, furniture, carpets, and some other things in your home. Therefore nail clipping is very important. Nail clipping should be done very carefully because sometimes it may cause walking changes of your toy poodle, break in the nails, cuts on the toe pad, or some infections.

All about the cute Toy poodle breed

The final step of the grooming

All about the cute Toy poodle breed


Once you have completed the basic grooming work you can start brushing the coat of your toy poodle. It will be like this. Now your creative style will make the tiny Toy poodle graceful and attractive. You can use various kinds of accessories. Most of the owners love to see their toy poodles with tide-up hair near ears and head into ponytails and grace it with fashionable accessories. This can be done according to the size of the toy poodle and the length of the hair. If you are not clever enough to groom your toy poodle well, you can get the service of a professional expert to do the task.

At the end of the grooming process, you will have a graceful and smart toy poodle to take part in your daily walk along the park and make you happy throughout your life.

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