What are the best cat breeds for first-time cat owners?

Cats are good friends to human. Some people love cats more than dogs and other animals. If you are ready to welcome a new and first cat to your home, you may think about many things. You need to cat-proof your home. And you need other cat supplies for your new cat. And you need to give your attention to cats age. There are 3  age groups for cats. My opinion is to try for a kitten. Some cats are love to play. And they like to spend their time active. Also, some cats are quite slow and they love to sleep. So the choice is yours. And the breed also affects those matters. What are the best cat breeds for first-time cat owners? 

American Shorthairs

American Shorthair cat
Image credits: Pixabay.com

American Shorthairs is a medium-sized cat. This cat is a friendly and social-friendly cat. American Shorthairs can live peacefully with your other pets, such as dogs. This cat will never fight with others. And also American Shorthairs are muscly, heavy and thick-boned cats. You do need to give much attention to this breed. And American Shorthairs are recommended for busy families. 

Maine coons

best cat breeds for first-time cat owners
image credits: Needpix

Maine coons is the biggest one in the cat kingdom. So Maine Coons are the biggest domesticated cat breed in the world. This is a big cat. Most Maine Coons weigh nine to 18 pounds–males are larger than female. They don’t attain their full length till they’re 3 to 5 years old. Maine Coons loves to play with children and other pets. They have good skills in hunting. And this breed has long hair. So they need general grooming. This is a perfect choice for families with kids and cat-friendly dogs. Maine coons can live 9-15 years.


Ragdoll cat
Image Credits: Public Domain Pictures

This is a cute and kid-friendly cat breed. Ragdolls are large and sturdy cats, but as we all know, they are the best combination of calmness and lightness. Recognized as one of the best cats in the family, they are also very sociable and cute. Blue eyes, thick, silky fur of medium length. Let us get rid of the myth of ragdoll: this kitten does not cause allergies. Ragdolls love to comb their fur. This is a great choice for first-time cat owners.


Siamese cat breed
image credits: Public Domain Pictures

Siamese is an intelligent cat breed. Bright blue eyes and cream-coloured fur make them exceptionally beautiful. This breed is very vocal, especially when playing. If you have neighbours or roommates who are sensitive to noise, you should reconsider this breed. It is easy to maintain Siamese. And you no need to worry about the falling fur in your house. Because they have short hair. 

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cat for first-time cat owners
Image Credits: Tom Thai- Flickr – CC 2.0

Scottish Fold has cute and adorable folding ears. It is the main point for her name. Scottish fold is originated from Tayside, Scotland. Those kitties are very cute and humble. Scottish Fold loves to play and spend their time enjoyable. And Scottish Fold loves children and other pets. They have long hair, so, need to comb weekly.  This is a medium-sized cat that tends to be about 9-13 pounds. Scottish Folds are live to 11 to 14 years.


Persian cat breed
Image credits: pixabay

Persians are a popular cat breed with fluffy fur. They are cute. You need to do regular grooming because of their long hair. This breed is originated from Persia. Persian cats can grow up to 7 to 12 pounds. And Persians can live 10 years to 15 years. This is not a long lifespan, but it is a medium lifespan for a cat. Persians have some health issues such as heat sensitivity problems, kidney disease. The most important thing to take care of the Persians is the daily beauty needs. This long and beautiful coat will not keep clean and tangled on its own. It should be brushed gently but thoroughly once a day. Persian is one of the best cat breeds for first-time cat owners.

Exotic shorthairs

best cat breeds
image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Exotic is looking the same to Persian cats. And Exotic is a sweet, cute and adorable cat. Exotics love to play with toys. The exotic shorthairs are calm companions who love their family. But exotics little shy to Others. This cat breed likes to play and also likes to sleep on a human lap. Their voice is soft and easy to take care of and groom. It is best to keep only exotic cats indoors. Exotics are not fighters and will not deal with other dangers that cats, dogs, coyotes and cats may face outdoors. And this breed is easy to steal by someone. So keep your eyes on Exotic. This one can grow up to 12 pounds. And Exotics lives 8-15 years only.


Bengal cats Best cat breed
image credit: pexels

Do you wanna a house Tiger? Yeah, Bengal is a perfect idea for it. Because Bengal is a unique wildcat hybrid breed. You can see Bengals have an amazing spotted coat that looks like an Asian leopard. And Bengals weigh eight to fifteen pounds or more. But this is a medium-sized breed. Bengals are intelligent and smart. Nothing can escape from Bengal’s notice. So this is the best cat breed. And also they love to play games. Bengal doesn’t love water. So they will not jump to ponds and pools. They don’t need a weekly bath. Grooming is easy, because of the short thick fur. 

And Bengals not scared of dogs. But he loves to make friends. Bengals can’t trust rabbits, hamsters and mice. Bengal cat is a good cat companion for anyone who loves active cats. Bengals have a 10 to 16-year lifespan. So this Bengal is one of the best cat breeds in the world.

And there is a problem with all cat breeds. Cats are spaying indoor. This guide will definitely help you. Your cat will never spray again. There are so many recommendations for this. Just check it out.


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