What are the best dog foods for a German Shepherd puppy?

Adopting a German Shepherd puppy is a quite different experience for a new pet parent. German Shepherd puppies are adorable. Everyone loves to cuddle these squishy little potatoes. When it comes to dog food, it’s important to select the most suitable foods for your German Shepherd puppy. And also you need to focus on your pet’s age too. So, what are the best foods for a german shepherd puppy?  

5 best dog foods for a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd is a large breed dog. Therefore they need extra vitamins, minerals, and calcium. On average, German Shepherds require 500 calories per day. They need nutritious support to keep their joints healthier and to maintain a shiny coat. The first 18 months of German Shepherds’ life grow super fast. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food for GSD

If you want your German Shepherd puppy grows into a healthy big boy? We recommend Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, natural puppy large breed dry dog food. It contains 38% protein, 38% carbs, and 17% fat and clinically proven DHA levels for brain development. You already know German Shepherds have a good IQ level. So they need nutrition to develop their brains. This product fulfills it. And German Shepherd puppies have a sensitive stomach. The prebiotics and fiber warrant smooth digestion. We recommend this product for your fluffball to grow healthy and bigger.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Dry Dog food

Royal Canin German Shepherd dog food

Specifically designed for German Shepherd pups. Kibble shape is quite easy to eat. The presence of glucosamine and chondroitin improves digestion and maintains bones and joints. Vitamin E is essential for your puppy’s muscular growth, heart health, and liver function. Furthermore, antioxidants maintain the immune system in good form.

Purina One SmartBlend Natural puppy dog food

purina one smartblend GSD food

Purina cares for your pup’s well-being as well as your pocket. The real chicken flavor satisfies your puppy. Purina One SmartBlend supports the growing muscles of your German Shepherd. It contains the optimum amount of calcium and phosphorus to ensure that your puppy’s joints and bones are properly nourished. This will assist to reduce the risk of Elbow and Hip Dysplasia later in life. Purina One SmartBlend is one of the best dog foods for a german shepherd puppy.

Wellness Complete Health Large-Breed Puppy Recipe

Wellness, best dog foods for a German shepherd puppy

Crunchy large-sized kibble does not contain any artificial preservatives. This large breed puppy’s dry food is perfectly matched to a German Shepherd. The main ingredient is chicken and brown rice. Wellness complete health large-breed puppy recipe is a wholesome product for your german shepherd.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine food

Taste of the wild german shepherd puppy foods

Taste of the Wild delivers exactly what it promises, as it truly is a taste of the wild. We highly recommend this for your pup. Roasted bison is the main ingredient in this product. Taste of the wild contains 28% of high protein which helps to keep bones, joints, and muscles strong. The blend contains no grain, so there is no risk of gluten problems. The meal has no fillers. It also contains exclusively natural components to ensure that your puppy’s growth is healthy.

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