What to include in a dog car emergency kit?

Marvellous experience you gain when camping or travelling across the country, with your life companion, a loving pet dog. But did you think about an emergency that can happen? If you have a dog in your life, you’ve plausibly had a dog emergency of some sort. Your dog needs much care in such a situation. It is imperative and essential to have a dog car emergency kit with you. It is better to include all the first-aid supplies in-to your dog car emergency kit to make your journey effortless and more enjoyable with your dog.

Things to include in dog car emergency kit


What to include in a dog car emergency kit?
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PaperWork: Medical & Vaccination Records

It is so vital to keep paperwork with the dog’s first-aid kit. We have no idea about the situation we face. It will be easy if you are dealing with an emergency. Because you have all the pieces of information in one place, keep a copy of that details with your mobile device as a backup option. When you are on a road trip with your pet, there is a possibility of the importance of paperwork. So keep that in your dog car emergency kit.

Wet Wipes and Grooming Wipes

Wet and dry wipes are helpful stuff to keep with you when you are travelling with your dog. Because wipes are a good solution for cleaning off your doggo’s muddy paws before getting inside the vehicle, you can use them after their bathroom needs. And also, it will help clean dirt on-ear or eye. There are uncountable things to do with wet wipes.

Bottle of water and dog food package

water bottle for your pet.
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Be sure to keep a water bottle for your pet. Because pets also need water for refreshments. And also, keep some dog food to treat them. And try to keep a bowl to give them water and food.

Regular medical ornaments: Gauze, Scissors, Tape, Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are essential for any medical emergency. When contacting blood or body fluids, be sure to wear protective gloves, preferably safety glasses or goggles. In an emergency, gauze can control bleeding, if a fracture is suspected, it can use as temporary support, and in extreme cases, it can even use as a spontaneous muzzle.

A Towel Or Blanket

A blanket can help your dog to keep its body warmer in cold places. If the floor is too hot, too hard, or covered with sharp stones, and you need to understand better what is going on, the blanket also provides a soft surface for your dog to check.

Things to include in dog car emergency kit
image credit: unsplash.com

Poop Bags and an extra leash

Poop bags help you to manage your canine on a trip or something. And it is easy to clean after pooping. Be sure to keep an extra supply with your hand. Use a collar and a leash, so you can quickly identify your dog from others. So here we brought essential items to keep in your dog car emergency kit.


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