Why are French bulldogs so expensive? 5 Reasons

Purebred dogs are more expensive than dogs from shelters. Some of them can easily cost thousands of dollars. When it comes to French Bulldogs, they cost up to $5000. Many people are surprised as to why someone would pay so much for a dog. Why are french bulldogs so expensive? Here are some reasons for it. Keep scrolling.

French Bulldogs were first bred in Nottingham, England in the 1850s. When craftsmen came to France in the 1860s, they brought their dogs with them. They became so popular there and were given the name French Bulldog. 

5 reasons for French Bulldogs being expensive.

1. They are popular all over the world

All about French Bulldogs

According to experts, these dogs were crossbred with pugs and Terriers to develop today’s French Bulldog. French Bulldog is one of the most popular small dog breeds in the world. Even the name wasn’t changed when the breed was brought back to England for dog shows by the end of the 19th century. Wealthy Americans visiting France fell in love with these cute small pups and began bringing them back to the United States. French Bulldog is the single most common dog in the United Kingdom. And the 4th most popular breed in the United States and the 3rd most in Australia.

2. Expenses for maintaining

Why are French bulldogs so expensive

Female Frenchies need to go through a c-section to deliver their pups. Because their hips a small. Females should deliver 2-4 puppies per birth because of this. Frenchies have been developed to bear abnormal physical qualities. Owners must pay attention to newly born puppies. They require lots of hands-on care. Newborn puppies need to be fed every 3 hours. And It’s quite expensive to feed a pregnant french bulldog. Because they need a high-protein diet to induce lactation.

3. Difficult to breed them

Cos of their small hips, most French Bulldogs are unable to mate naturally, so artificial insemination is the only option for most females to become pregnant. Because this is an expensive and time-consuming process, French Bulldog puppies are often rare, and well-bred puppies are often more expensive as a result.

4. Paying attention to newborn puppies

Newborn French Bulldog puppy

Frenchie moms are generally very attentive and pretty decent but there is a probability that a mum will accidentally roll over on one of her babies and smother it. Therefore breeders need to pay attention to this. 

5.  Rare colors of French Bulldogs

French Bulldog colors

French Bulldogs come in extremely rare colors like blue fawns, chocolate, and blues. It is quite more expensive than standard Frenchie’s colors. They are pretty uncommon because they are caused by naturally occurring recessive genes.

French Bulldogs can be pricey due to their popularity and the high cost of breeding and raising them.  If you think it might be a good fit for your family buy it from an AKC registered one.

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