Why Do Cats Purr? The Secret of the cats purr

Have you ever heard a vibratory sound when you start to stroke your cat? That is called a cat’s purr. Why do cats purr? How does it happen? Here going to answer all these questions and more in this article why and how cats purr. If you are a cat person this is just for you. So check this out.

How do cats purr?

Why Do Cats Purr?
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Purring occurs as a result of the vibrating of muscles in the larynx. The larynx received signals from the brain. And the larynx starts to respond to these signals by vibrating. And then cats start to purr. Cats can purr, while they are breathing. Because the muscles open and close the cat’s vocal cords allowing air to come out with the purring noise. 

But what is the exact reason that causes to cat’s purr? Some scientists say it occurs as a result of the release of endorphins from the brain that make sense when they purr because they are happy or relaxed. But cats do purr not only in happy times but also every time.

Only limited cats can purr

Most of the cats in the world have the ability to purr. Specifically from neural activities cause to the cat’s purr.

Large cats like cheetahs, tigers, lions, in the pantherine family do roar instead of purring because of the changes in their genetics and they don’t have muscles to purr as well. 

Cats are is outside of the pantherine family can purr. But can’t roar. Pumas, Wildcats, cheetahs, Bobcats cant purr.

cats purr
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Some scientists theorized that cats’ ability to roar or purr is essential for their survival. Big cats like savannah, in the jungle, mark out their territory and warn off predators by roaring.

Cats like cheetahs and wildcats that can’t roar, roam following their foods throughout the tundra. These kinds of cats don’t mark out their land and they live freely.

Reasons for cats purr

When They feel hungry

Many cats do it when they feel hungry or when they want something. At that time we can hear purring sound with a less pleasant mewing frequency. it s normally like the tone of a baby’s cry. Kitty purr like a baby when they feel hungry because they know humans easily respond to this sound.


When They are upset and wanna comfort themselves

Cats purr to make themselves comfortable when they are in a pain or when they are feeling upset or scared. Also, they do purr to inform other cats that they are not a threat.


When They are happy

How Do Cats Purr?
image credits: unsplash.com

This is the most obvious reason for cats purr. Cats make purr when they feel happy and satisfy with the relationship between them and humans or other animals.

Kittens wanna tell their mother that they are good.

Purring helps to strengthen the bond between the kitten and its mother. Because of that kittens always purr when they are near their mother and also mother purr as a form of a lullaby to make kittens feel comfy.

They are healing themselves

When a cat purrs it release frequencies between 25 and 150 Hz. It has a healing mechanism and helps to improve bone density and function. And also they can relieve pain from their purr.

When they want to communicate

cute cat purring
image credits: unsplash.com

You can hear to purr when they communicate with other mates. Also purring is a friendly sign that they trying to say that they are friends.

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