X-press Pearl is going to sink with 325 tons of Fuel

X-press Pearl is a massive cargo ship which was caught fire on 20th May 2021.  This MV X-Press Pearl has carried chemicals, Nitric Acid, and Poliproperline plastics. This will be the worst marine disaster in this decade.

X-press Pearl is going to sink with 325 tons of Fuel

Sri Lanka is a small island with a rich environment. Colombo port is one of the busiest harbors in the world. It has a long history too. And it is one of the main ports in the international sea route. You can see 9 types of whales around the Sri Lankan Sea. And there are so many fish around the marine boundary. 

X-press Pearl is going to sink with 325 tons of Fuel
image credits: sri lankan navy

MV X-Press Pearl carried 1486 containers including 25 tons of nitric acid. The Ship crew identified that there is a container leaking nitric acid. So they requested Hamad Port in Qatar and Hazira port in India to offload and fix them. But they rejected the request. So Ship had reached Colombo on 19th May at night. But the ship crew did not inform about the leakage early to the Colombo Port.

And It started to explode and it became a big fire in the sea. Sri Lankan Navy tried its best to control the fire. But 8 containers fell into the sea. Some of them filled with Tons of plastic beads. So, Unfortunately, some of the packs were opened and spread in the sea. Dozens of fish died because of this. Researchers collect some of them for tests. And they discovered the gills of the fish were filled with pieces of plastics. 

X-press Pearl is going to sink with 325 tons of Fuel
image credits: visura pamith photography

Beautiful sandy beaches became dark with burned plastics and other particles. It is not very easy to clean the beach. And the floating plastic beads directly affected the coastal areas badly. Three Big dead turtles found on the beach after this massive marine disaster. Turtles are extremely rare animals. This leads to long-term destruction.

How this affects Sea Animals?

worst ecological marine disaster

Sri Lanka is an island with a rich coral reef. There is a beautiful coral garden with amazing coral animals. Those plastic beads will be the food of the Coral animals. Because plastics are small and shiny. As we all know plastics are one of the most common elements that bring harm to the sea. And it causes 100% negative effects on animals associated with ocean trash. Many dead turtles, fish, and some other sea creatures have gathered along the beaches. Not only that, this killed several sea birds. We could see some half-burnt birds too. Several plastic microbeads have found in the stomach of the fish. According to the Marine Environment Authority, this would be the worst marine ecological disaster in the world.

marine disaster

In this situation, fisherman can’t do their regular job in this area. And they have already lost their jobs by this time. So the government will provide livelihood supports for the fishermen. 25 tonnes of hazardous nitric acid completely mixed into the water. This will directly influence to have acid rains in the future.

X-press Pearl is going to sink with 325 tons of Fuel

Now The MV X-Press Pearl Ship that caught fire in the coastal area in Sri Lanka is currently sinking. The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA)  members took samples of the seawater for tests.

Now, X-Press Pearl is going to sink with 325 metric tons of fuel. Unfortunately, it’s too late to do something. It is partially drowned now. This is the biggest marine pollution in the 21st century.  Experts predict that this disaster will affect for next 100 years.


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